Hear two tracks from Chra’s new LP on Editions Mego

In collaboration with our partners The Quietus, we proudly bring You a preview of SHAPE artist Chra‘s new LP, Empty Airport, released on the legendary Viennese label Editions Mego.

Chra’s real name is Christina Nemec, and she’s performed in bands, such as Shampoo Boy and SV Damenkraf. She is also the founder of label Comfortzone. Chra is participating in the SHAPE platform both with her solo act and Pasajera Oscura –  a collaboration with fellow Vienna artist Irradiation.

Here’s how folks from Editions Mego describe her latest work: “Chra’s first LP on Editions Mego may be read as a reference to Brian Eno’s ambient classic, though this time we find ourselves in a territory of transit that sounds like a dystopian swan song on civilizatoric debris – a heteropia in which the listener restores himself in a surrounding that is emptied of human remains, having left just some ghostly echoes behind.”

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