Photos from RIAM Festival 2015

Loenzo Senni5

The International Meeting of Multimedia Arts (RIAM) takes place in Marseille (this year, it took place between 1 and 30 October 2015). It is an initiative of the non-profit association Technè. It aims to establish an animated dialogue with other experimental and innovative artistic forms. This year, it also presented a number of SHAPE artists, including: Lorenzo Senni, Zamilska, Gábor Lázár, Low Jack, Extreme Precautions, Ketev and Ideal Corpus.

Ketev1 Nigga Fox2 Loenzo Senni6 Ketev2 Low-Jack1 Loenzo Senni3 Nigga Fox3 Zamilska3Ideal Corpus1 Low-Jack2 Public Nigga Fox1 Zalilska1 Loenzo Senni4 Loenzo Senni1 Loenzo Senni2 Zamilska2 Gabor Lazar