Pictures: Ketev opening for Lumière II

The last SHAPE event of our first year occurred on November, the 26th, when dark techno producer Ketev supported the presentation of Robert Henke’s sound/laser show Lumière II. The legendary Volksbühne theater was chosen for the venue, and the event was organized by CTM Festival – the very same team that organized SHAPE platform’s first showcase in January.

2015-11-26 22.09.07 2015-11-26 22.25.27a 2015-11-26 22.32.31a 2015-11-26 22.33.13-1a 2015-11-26 22.33.53a 2015-11-26 22.40.38-1a 2015-11-26 22.40.39a

All photos by Stefanie Kulisch