Zamilska’s SHAPE mix for NTS Live

We proudly present You this SHAPE mix, made for NTS Live by Polish producer Zamilska.

Zamilska (Shape Takeover) – 23rd April 2015 by Nts Radio on Mixcloud

Zamilska’s debut album UNTUNE released may 26th 2014 did not disappoint those who hailed Zamilska the sensation of the year on the strength of her first single Quarrel. Live shows, which Zamilska is particularly passionate about, burst vibrant energy, exude monstrous bass and powerful fat beats working the audience into a frenzy. UNTUNE despite its’ heavier nature instantly gained recognition among critics and even more importantly stuck chord with a wider-than-expected audience.

Recently defending a diploma in Social and Cultural Animation at the University of Silesia, Zamilska’s creative forms also spill into a knack for visual collage-ing; she complements many of her audio releases with a variably self-designed collection of professional looking music videos.

Zamilska will be playing at a SHAPE showcase at Intonal festival (Sweden) on April 24.

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