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French audiovisual artist Julien Bayle has recently released his second EP inner. It has been published on Bordille Records, which he co-runs with Francois Larini, and is available via the label’s bandcamp page.

The concept of the recording is built on the legendary story of American composer John Cage visiting an anechoic chamber at Harvard University, where, surprisingly, instead of hearing silence, he was able to hear his own heartbeat as well as the humming of his central nervous system. inner is about otoacoustic emissions, perception and reverberation.

“Starting from a blank patch, the building process is moving both towards the Other and into one’s ever changing body,” François Larini says in the liner notes for inner. “It is an echoing image, engaging with the whole sensorium.”

The video below is based on the second track of the EP.

Julien Bayle merges visual art, music composition and a physical approach of sound art and data visualisation by creating advanced programmed installations and audio/visual live performances. He attemps to address the question of disrupted continuum, interference and representation of concepts by using the physics of sound. His work is based on both experimentation and programming, employing concepts of complexity and chaos as guides. Read his recent interview for the SHAPE platform website here.

For more information on Bordille Records, visit their official website.



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