Photos: Spazio Aereo x Sonica • Lee Gamble / Neunundneunzig / Spatial & others

SONICA Festival teamed up with the like-minded Italian space Spazio Aereo in Venice to bring a night of Kinetics, Pneumatics, Audiovisuals & Beats on 16 December 2016.

Lee Gamble was joined by 2017 SHAPE artist Christian Kroupa alongside three other SHAPE alumni: the audiovisual screening of the new album & DJ sets by Random Logic and British DJ, producer and label owner Spatial & the kinetic sound sculpture by NEUNUNDNEUNZIG (99) created by Martin Bricelj Baraga in collaboration with Raster Noton’s Olaf Bender: “I wanted to build this grid of 99 balloons as an environment in which we would trigger intensities and anxieties that don’t allude to this Cold War state we are facing again now, but more the general state of things that are happening today,” the former told us in an interview

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Photo credits: Alice Busato / Andrea Sanson