Special TodaysArt SHAPE mix by DJ Randstad

Stream a new TodaysArt festival-themed mix by DJ Randstad of the DJ crew/label BAKK, created for the London-based radio station Resonance FM as well as its additional platform Resonance Extra.

This mix introduces you to the musical programme of the upcoming edition of the TodaysArt festival in The Netherlands. Many SHAPE acts, such as Masayoshi Fujita, Piotr Kurek and Klara Lewis, are featured in it.

After two editions at the seaside of The Hague, this year the TodaysArt festival relocates to the city centre. What to expect? The usual adventurous yet unexpected experience of a diverse selection of performances and concerts, club nights, installations and public space interventions and the Bright Collisions symposium program. The dates: 22-25 September.

Forged along their studies at the art academy, BAKK consists of a record label (BAKK Records), a nightlife stronghold (BAKK Militia) and radio show (Odd Beat Radio) run collectively by Steve Motto, Handsome Thomas and The Social Lover. Housed around The Hague, BAKK aims to pave a path that honours its squat scene past (think Bunker, Creme and Intergalactic FM) while at the same time charting new territories.

Track list:

Masayoshi Fujita Apologues – Requiem
Piotr Kurek – There
Wooky – Cygnus
Haron – Marimbaman
Julien Bayle – inner01 
We Will Fail – Work Out
Dopplereffekt – Zygote
TCP – ?
SFV Acid – Offline Wave
Piotr Kurek – Becoming Light
Klara Lewis – Muezzin
Objekt – Hypnagogia
Nosaj Thing – No Reality
SFV Acid – Dickinsdontlie
Paul Jebanasam – Eidolons Beginning