Listen to a mix by Julien Desprez for ResonanceEXTRA

NF Galpão Gamboa_0112

Julien Desprez
was born in Paris. He first taught himself to play the guitar before attending the jazz department in Montreuil, led by Mano Vallois. He obtained a D.E.M and received a jazz golden medal. He later embraced a more experimental, abrasive sound, which he’s pursued in numerous projects, such as Acapulco Redux and Brazil Mash-up. He was one of the SHAPE artists performing at Novas Frequências  festival in December last year. Listen to his ResonanceEXTRA mix below and read our interview with Julien here.).


Kaumwald/ Rapa Nui Clan
Emptyset/ Core
Merzbow/Klo Ken Phantasie
Ryoji Ikeda/Data Plex
Arnaud Riviere and Mario Gabola/ Side B.
France Sauvage/ Tu n’es pas un peu vieux pour faire ce genre de musique?
Beak/ Ladies Mile
Cheikha Rabia/ Diri Hak Ou Hak
Abi Ngana Diop/Littal
Stephen O Malley/ Dread Live
Will Guthrie/ Sticks
Keiji Haino/Tenshi No Gijinka
Sister iodine/ Blanc Domaine