Photos: Musikprotokoll 2017

Centred on an unconventional ball, musikprotokoll spans a bridge from yesterday into tomorrow with numerous composition premieres. The Graz-based festival, run under the auspices of the Austrian public broadcaster ORF, turned fifty this year. Several SHAPE artists performed: Sic_Mic, Battle-Ax, Anna MeredithAndreas Trobollowitsch and Stefan Fraunberger, both of whom appeared with performative installations and ritualistic concerts.

_MG_6656 _MG_6639 _MG_6674 _MG_6878 _MG_6903 _MG_7349 _MG_7319 _MG_7303 Schmuck Pachleitner 28.9-29.9.17 171007_Soundtracks∏LenaPrehal_002 171007_Soundtracks∏LenaPrehal_017 171007_Soundtracks∏LenaPrehal_027 171007_Soundtracks∏LenaPrehal_034 _MG_8164 _MG_8186

Photos: Martin Gross