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April sees SHAPE – the Creative Europe supported platform for innovative music and audiovisual art – returning to concert-goers via the Rokolectiv festival in Romania (April 20 – 23), which will feature six performances by artists, participating in our platform. Read more about this event, new mixes and small changes to this year’s artist roster in our news update.

SHAPE is eager to announce that French rhythmic music/digital art project NSDOS has joined the platform – by choice of Rennes-based festival Maintenant, NSDOS will be replacing producer Jacques, who cannot continue his participation in SHAPE as his schedule for 2017 is incompatible with the sequence of SHAPE festivals and one-offs.

NSDOS – aka Kirikoo Des – is a hybrid artist who works simultaneously on dance, music and digital art. He is passionate about the interactions of man and machines, fascinated by the links between body and computer and endlessly curious about the infinite possibilities of the confluence of the organic and technology. After studying dance, Kirikoo Des aka NSDOS, felt the need to create his own sound in order to explore movement. This is how he started imagining a whole new sonic order, an alternative approach to music –through abstraction. NSDOS can’t restrain himself to existing technological tools and softwares, he prefers creating his own mediums: futurist instruments made of old audio converters (carte son), Gameboy emulators, pieces of metal dismantled and weld together giving form to surreal machines. Surrounded by his hybrid tools, NSDOS unravels the rectilinear anatomy of techno music. Textures are exploded, sounds mutilated, and brought back to their essence. This sonic odyssey, NSDOS initiated in his native town Paris before exploring it deeper in Berlin –a city that he sees as a giant laboratory in which he experimented with the field of possibilities.

Another important announcement is that Rokolectiv – SHAPE platform’s Romanian partner festival – will hold its 2017 edition on April 20 – 23 in Bucharest. Alongside such acts as Foodman and Silent Servant, the platform will be represented by Romanian DJ ChlorysBlack Zone Myth Chant – a project of Afrocentric psychedelia and hypnotic footwork by French psych-drone artist High Wolf, Lithuanian musician J.G. Biberkopf, whose “audio theater” works are impressive collages that draw on a wide range of influences, including grime and musique concrète, hardwave and minimal electronics influenced techno producer Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Russian-born, Bunker records-associated DJ Inga Mauer and experimental duo Amnesia Scanner whose sound design decimates and regurgitates tropes of trance, future grime, Atlanta, noise, and mainstream pop.

French electronic music festival Les Siestes Electroniques has announced the dates for its 16th Toulouse edition – it takes place between 29 June and 2 July. Les Siestes Electroniques is one of the founding members of the SHAPE platform. As far as SHAPE is concerned, Céh, a noise-rock influenced duo from Budapest, has been announced. They are set to play alongside the likes of Huerco S, Marie Davidson, Princess Nokia, and others.

The latest episode of SHAPE platform’s monthly radio show is streaming online, and features interviews with Slovenian artist Robertina Šebjanič, Black Zone Myth Chant and experimental rhythmic music duo N.M.O. Listen to it here:

Also, don’t forget to check out our website for new SHAPE mixes by Julien Desprez,N.M.O., Oriole and Dynamons, presented in collaboration with our partners NTS Live and Resonance FM:

The SHAPE platform is a three-year initiative, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

To find out more details and full line-ups of the aforementioned events, please visit:

(Photo:Gergana Petrova)

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