Lifecutter mix for Radio Campus

Listen to a SHAPE mix by experimental techno producer Lifecutter, created for the French radio station network Radio Campus France.

Lifecutter is a moniker name for Domen Ucakar. The man behind the electronic adventure in front of you is far from being a newcomer to musical explorations. He travelled that road playing a bass guitar with a number of local hardcore punk bands, indie rock derivatives found their footing in Icarus Down, while the songwriting production of electro-pop sensibilities was explored in the Neon Spektra project. Versatility here is apparent, as shown in his collaboration with a longtime friend Neven M. Agalma in the still very much kicking and screaming noise duo Ontervjabbit. It is the exploration of various strands of noise in the latter, combined with his devouring of the Warp Records sound in the 1990s, that is seemingly the most obvious influence him.

Track list:

Ontervjabbit – The Bell
Strahinja Arbutina – Turning Point
Domenico Crisci – Your Scent
ANFS – Skafto
AJA – Pageant Crack
Lifecutter – Hypoxia
Samuel Kerridge – Possession / Control
MA ČKA – Whippin Wind
Ontervjabbit – Tormented Will (Abnegation)
Eomac – Resist All Dogma
Lifecutter – Medulla

Lifecutter was nominated to the SHAPE platform by SONICA.