Photos: SHAPE @ Insomnia Festival 2018

The organizers of Insomnia Festival describe the event in the following words: “The music program is built around Novelty, Quality, Variety – local, national and international. You will get to experience ambient, experimental joik, noise, quirky downtempo, new wave, prog, funk, hip-hop, broken beats, electro, house, techno…but no singer songwriters.”

Apart from concerts, exhibitions, workshops and seminars also take place. W/ Golin, JASSS, Kimyan Law, Caterina Barbieri, Yamaneko, CATNAPP, Nene H., EOD, Sissel Wincent. All photos: © Insomnia Festival (Mats Gangvik, Tina Derakhshan, Tom Stian Martinsen, Anastasija Kuprejeva, David Jensen)

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