Photos: SHAPE @ MeetFactory with Catnapp, Umbra and TUTU

The last SHAPE event of the year at Prague’s cultural centre MeetFactory took place on Friday, 16 November 2018 with SHAPE artists Catnapp, Umbra and Tutu.

IMG_2775 IMG_2790 IMG_2795 IMG_2799 IMG_2887 IMG_2890 IMG_2997 IMG_3061 IMG_3069 IMG_3433 IMG_3445 IMG_3466 IMG_3489 IMG_3505 IMG_3614 IMG_3625 IMG_3632 IMG_3645 IMG_3661 IMG_3688 IMG_3696 IMG_3714 IMG_3834 IMG_3942 IMG_3996 IMG_4024 IMG_4041 IMG_4061

Photos: Mária Karľáková