SONICA artist mix by NinaBelle (Warrego Valles) for Resonance Extra

Listen to a mix by DJ NinaBelle (Warrego Valles), created for the British radio station Resonance Extra ahead of the 10th-anniversary celebration of the SONICA festival in Ljubljana.

In the last week of September, Sonica is celebrating its 10th anniversary. There are going to be 5 music events, an exhibition, premieres, performances and special events abroad.

Musician and vocalist NinaBelle is one half of Warrego Valles, a duo which includes also DJ and producer Nina Hudej. Warrego Valles are producing exploratory electronic music with clear background in dark dance floor aesthetics and subtle dashes of activist poetics, who have in 2017 already made quite a stir in local Slovene electronic music scene, within their audience, among colleagues and in the media. Their first EP Location Off was released in February 2017 and their debut full-length album, Botox, is forthcoming in late February 2018 at Kamizdat.

Track list:

FXWRK – Ascension R2
Hyph11E-  Tinnitus
Corine – Viod
Nargiz-  ooW No More
Shygirl – Want More
Jlin – Never Created, Never Destroyed
QEEI ft. Catnapp – O Secos
Swan Meat-  Umwelt
JASSS –  Weightless
Jana Rush –  Break it
Bonaventure – Diaspora
Deena Abdelwahed – Walk On, Nothing To See Here
Warrego Valles – T …¬^ [unreleased]
NKISI – Afro Primitiv
Warrego Valles – TT …¬^ [unreleased]
object blue – A2 – (time to) WORK

The tenth edition of SONICA festival happens on October 24 – 29.