Listen to Sentimental Rave’s new mix for Radio Campus

Sentimental Rave’s music oscillates between the violence of kicks and her sensitivity. Her tracks are lonely and nocturnal wanderings of modern youth. DJ, producer, and self-taught photographer based in Saint Denis, she draws inspiration from rave, gabber, experimental music, and techno. It is a reflection of these thousands of night owls found in the warehouses of European suburbs and the glory days of the first raves. “I’m very thankful for this scene because it gives me so many feelings, and it was because of this that I found what I liked. I would not have an idealistic view because I was still a child in the 90’s, but there are lots of similarities with today’s times. I think that “my” young generation has still something to say, so we use this culture for the same things – to unite people, to give a voice, to fight for minorities, to create something, to share and to make it political (or not),” she told us recently in our interview. 

Listen to a new mix she’s done for our media partner, Radio Campus France, below.