Hear our latest Resonance FM show with Thea Soti

Our latest Resonance FM show was hosted by Serbian-Hungarian sound and performance artist Thea Soti. Soti is a multi-disciplinary artist, working within the fields of experimental vocal music, electronic sound, installation, text-based media and video art. She uses digitally manipulated sound, human voice and poetry in various formats, continuously manipulating and processing her own voice. Her pieces often go over the auditive experience and bravely explore space and movement, thus creating dynamic spaces. She often reflects on current socio-political issues, such as modern escapism, non-binary identities, beauty myths or collective fear.

Thea Soti plays live on Resonance FM. 

you will hear fairy tales with strange endings,
the sounds of rotting internal mantras,
sirens, lovers, comfort by screaming
soft flesh, insects, the certainty of the sun always rising,
falling apart, then again learning to trust life
fuck, i want ordinary things

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