CTM Festival 2021 – Transformation


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If there is one thing the past year has shown, it is that the grotesque inequalities on this planet – whether social, ecological, or political – cannot be sustained. Amidst a global crisis of equity and of care, can we seize this critical opportunity in order to make some necessary changes? CTM 2021 TRANSFORMATION explores music and art’s functions as a laboratory for bigger questions, asking how they might take part in and build varied and necessary transformations.

Read theme text: https://www.ctm-festival.de/festival-2021/theme

RESTRICTIONS DUE TO COVID-19The 22nd edition of CTM will take place both in person and online. The near future remains unpredictable – it still isn’t clear whether or not (and how) long-distance travel, coming together IRL, concerts, and live performances will be possible. For CTM 2021, smaller events, durational or process-based works, and other artistic formats leaning away from large, punctual gatherings will be intertwined with online format in a hybrid festival format, in hopes of enabling physical-sensual experience where feasible, while continuing translocal exchange. The exact dates and details of the festival are subject to change as the situation develops, so stay tuned.