CTM Siberia


SHAPE ARTISTS PRESENTED (announced as of end of August 2015):


CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music and Art is one of the most acclaimed international festivals for innovative pop, electronic, and experimental music. Since 1999 the festival has featured the most exciting artists and projects of the year in its annual editions at the end of January, which highlight current musical trends in the context of new technologies, contemporary art, music history, and socio-political issues. In September 2015 the Festival will bring its unique approach to Siberia thanks to a collaboration with the Goethe Institut Novosibirsk and local partners. With a multi-day programme held in various venues in both Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk, the CTM Siberia initiative aims to foster exchange between local Siberian and Russian artists with artists based in Berlin, Germany and western parts of Europe, and will also feedback into CTM’s 2016 edition, that will take place January/February in Berlin.

The festival will take place 11 – 12 September in Krasnoyarsk at the UIClub, and 14 – 20 September in Novosibirsk at venues Pobeda Cinema, Globus theatre, the Novosibirsk Philharmonic, RAGU Cafe, the Novosibirsk State Scientific Library, and LPSHBR. Through concerts, club nights, and artistic interventions, artists from Siberia, Russia, Germany, and Europe will present their music to the region’s public while also spotlighting the region’s own artistic community internationally. Confirmed artists are:

Andrey Smirnov [RU] / Appleyard [RU] / Buttechno [RU] / Byetone [DE] / Chekhov [RU] / Dasha Rush [RU/DE] / Dyad & The Sleepers Club [RU] / Electric Indigo [AT] / Ferrein [RU] / Foresteppe [RU] / Helena Hauff [DE] / HMOT & Roman Stolyar [RU] / Huun-Huur-Tu [RU] / Kathy Alberici & Federico Nitti [INT] / KP Transmission [RU] / Lorenzo Senni [IT] / Love Cult [RU] / Low Jack [FR] / Mårble [RU] / Module Werk [RU] / Nikita Bugaev [RU] / Opium Hum [DE] / Rabih Beaini & Daniele De Santis [INT] / Robert Henke presents “Lumière II” [DE] / Space Holiday Rocks [RU] / VJ Haust [RU] / Voronmrak [RU] / Wheel [RU]

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