SHAPE at NEXT Festival




By using synthesis and sampling techniques, Jung An Tagen builds aleatoric arrays, repetitive figures & polyrhythmic moirés that speak equally to the body and to the mind. The grammar of this music is confounding, the language itself immediate, oscillating between modern composition and ritualistic techno, immersion and repulsion. Since 2004, Laurent Gérard also known as Èlg, has drawn concentric sound spirals made of musical pipes and entrails. He uses an arsenal of instruments and methods, constantly renewed and builds improbable bridges between concrete music and french song debris, between cryptic electronic tribal incantations and Russian doll dancing in Plutonia. When not in French, language is reduced to an alien babble of an old man, a child, a dusty revenant, an epileptic bard, a peaceful messenger…

NEXT festival is an annual celebration of adventurous music in Bratislava – from electronic experiments through free improvisation to audiovisual performances.

Jung An Tagen visits the festival as part of a collaboration with SHAPE’s musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst. Élg is presented by Schiev festival.

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