Christian Kroupa mix for Resonance


Listen to a new mix by SHAPE artist Christian Kroupa aka Alleged Witches, produced in collaboration with the London-based radio station Resonance FM as well as its additional platform Resonance Extra.

Hailing from the sleepy town of Logatec, Slovenia, this is exactly what happened to Christian in the summer of 2008, while hanging at some drum and bass party, with no idea he was about to enter an unexplored pathway. The pathway is not so unexplored anymore. In 2013, Christian surprised the Slovenian music scene with his original approach to dark ambient music while he was performing on the Radio Študent’s Club Marathon tour. Since then, he’s proved his skills and innovation as a participant of the Red Bull Music Academy, performing on different stages (like Sónar in Barcelona or EMAF in Tokyo). He is currently working on new experimental, ambient music but also keeping an eye on house and techno, making appearances on the legendary R&S records and Fabric 90 mix with his alter ego, Alleged Witches.

Track list:

Gunnar Haslam- Brahmaputra
Unkle- Nowhere
Arca- Hymn
Jed Kurzel- The Med Bay
Ishan Sound, Rider Shafique & Miss Red- A Wa Yu Want (Kahn Remix)
James Ruskin- Untitled
Kuedo- In Your Sleep
Kryptic Minds- Intro
Mala- Take Flight
Kaiju- Wrath
dBridge- Digital Dread
Gantz- Shaitan
Roly Porter- In Flight
Ausgang Verboten- Consumer
Kraftwerk- The Robots
Depeche Mode- Dreaming Of Me
Solitary Dancer- Transmitting To Heaven
Dalhous- Who’s Here, You’re Here, I’m Here
Tangerine Dream- Love On A Real Train

Christian Kroupa was nominated to SHAPE by SONICA festival.

Photo by by Dan Wilton.

Peder Mannerfelt live at Cynetart


Listen to the Swedish producer Peder Mannerfelt perform live at last year’s Cynetart festival in Dresden. The concert has been broadcast by the London-based radio station Resonance FM as well as its additional platform Resonance Extra.

Peder Mannerfelt has been at the forefront of the Swedish electronic scene over the last decade. He’s collaborated under the pseudonym The Subliminal Kid with musicians such as Fever Ray (also in the case of her new album, coming out tomorrow), Blonde Redhead and Glasser and remixed the likes of Massive Attack, Lykke Li and Bat for Lashes. In recent years the prolific artist has released three studio albums as part of the experimental classical duo, Roll The Dice. Mannerfelt’s solo recordings have all met critical acclaim.

This show has been recorded live at the Cynetart Festival in Dresden on November 11th 2016. Peder Mannerfelt had been nominated to the second year of SHAPE platform by CTM Festival.

Photos: SHAPE @ Skaņu Mežs


Skaņu Mežs festival for adventurous music celebratedits 15th anniversary on October 6, 13 and 14. The opening evening was a free-entry event at the art museum Riga Bourse, while the two central concert evenings took place at the music hall Daile. SHAPE artists Stephen Grew, Machine Woman and Oriole/Linda Konone performed alongside Merzbow, Shabazz Palaces, Jlin, Porter Ricks and many others.

Skanu_Mezs_2017_Birza-2 Skanu_Mezs_2017_Birza-4 Skanu_Mezs_2017_Birza-6 Skanu_Mezs_2017_Birza-9 Skanu_Mezs_2017_Birza-10 Skanu_Mezs_2017_Birza-12 Skanu_Mezs_2017_Birza-13 Skanu_Mezs_2017_Birza-16FotoArnisKalnins_282FotoArnisKalnins_283FotoArnisKalnins_284FotoArnisKalnins_306FotoArnisKalnins_308FotoArnisKalnins_311FotoArnisKalnins_317Red_Bull_Skanu_Mezs_2017_Arturs_Pavlovs (13 of 44)

Stephen Grew by Alens Līdaks, Machine Woman and Oriole/Linda Konone by Arnis Kalniņš, closing picture by Artūrs Pavlovs.

My Sword: ‘I love to be excessive’


The tracks of Lyon-based producer My Sword blur the lines between original composition, bootleg and blend. Most of his compositions involve both an undeniable forward motion and a bizarre stasis, a disorienting clash that makes it an exciting yet difficult music to play out and an undoubted curveball for even the most adventurous dance floors.

Can you talk about your background? How and when did you get to making music?

I started making music nearly 5 years ago. I could spend hours digging music on Youtube and one day I discovered Soundcloud at a time when witch house and sea punk were the thing. This allowed me to get to know so many unknown indie producers and ephemeral subgenres. It was like a giant lab with no restrictions and no music standards and I started to produce in this context. Besides that, I’d already been a huge fan of Nguzunguzu then Fade to Mind, it was pleasantly different at a time when “Berlin” techno was almost the only thing I could find in local clubs. Generally, I’m always looking for alternative club music whether it’s strange, aggressive or totally kitsch.

Is music your full-time activity or do you also do something else?

No, I’ve just finished my art studies. I started to perform as a DJ last year. I never planned music as a way to earn a living but more as a hobby that I’m thankfully able to do. The scene here in Europe is very dynamic and it’s a boon for many artists like me. I appreciate having a kind of free relationship with my practice.

Can you talk about how you create your music? How important are external sources, samples, etc? What is the vibe that you are trying to create?

I use everything I can find: samples on the web, video sequences. I also record myself, for instance my voice, but I don’t have a typical process. My taste is very eclectic and what excites me the most is building a bridge between different genres which can vary a lot, but I think my music is somewhat coherent. I also love to be excessive in some respect like using too much reverb and distortion, when the sound is too sharp or when the BPM is a little too high. By making things too smooth and clean maybe we define too strictly what is and isn’t beautiful and end up making the same things again and again.

Can you talk about your current releases/music activities?

No official release, but I started some collaborations with artists that I appreciate a lot. So there are some cool tracks on the way.

Where are you based? How is the music scene there?

Lyon, France. I’m really not so interested about what is done locally. The city has traditionally been a bastion of techno but we have a lot of different collectives which invigorate the nightlife. Lyon is also well known for its big annual electronic music festival in May, “Nuits sonores”. The city is also considered the capital of French gastronomy. I think this is a vital information, so you really need to come and visit.

What are your future dreams?

I don’t have any.

Listen to Sis_Mic on ORF OE1


Listen to a special broadcast celebrating the 50th anniversary of Austria’s musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst festival. Pôm Bouvier b. aka Sis_Mic brought her own “sonic table” to Graz as well as a huge feedback speaker. Another important aspect of her performance is the concert venue, the space. “I like the idea that we – the audience and I – become part of the instrument,” she said in the radio interview.

Sis_Mic is the new project by Pom Bouvier B., an eclectic artist: a video maker, scenographer, dancer and performer, especially influenced by her musical background. She has studied electroacoustic music for several years and her pieces have been played in several countries all over the world. Pôm Bouvier B.’s work includes various musical forms, as music for dance, installations, radiophonic creations and concerts. Alone or in collaboration, she works on projects that seek different kinds of public perception and listening.

You can listen to the ORF broadcast here (until 15/10/2017).

Photos: Sonica 2017

The 9th edition of Ljubljana’s Sonica festival presented a week of concerts, audiovisual performances, artist talks and walks through natures of various kinds. The festival exhibition evolved around the theme of Scapes – meaning spaces of escape, joining artworks that build technology fused variations of landscapes. “Through the years, Sonica has always been different. We choose a theme and build the programme around it,” said Neja Tomsic, Sonica curator in our interview. 

This year’s artists in residence were Mike Rijnierse (SHAPE) and Katarina Petrović (in partnership with V2_Institute for Unstable Media), who produced two exciting works to be presented for the first time at the Ljubljana festival. Several SHAPE artists were presented in Ljubljana, including Machine Woman, Gabey Tjon a Tham, Robertina Sebjanic, Anna Zaradny, and others.

21766517_1600184203378307_6093655451641742690_n 21768148_1600184020044992_3360712570453666023_n 21768237_1600184150044979_714728452011113556_n 22007680_1600184086711652_1724958112736542752_n 22007926_1601921076537953_3444542891671255154_n 22045698_1600184016711659_6293490929628162680_n 22046880_1600184346711626_1350283456440830279_n 22050227_1604641532932574_2780775667636752698_n 22050333_1604641756265885_4943667118861911094_n 22089193_1604638126266248_3592411836196560306_n 22089480_1604641716265889_5432022812914146238_n 22089721_1600184160044978_6449945257601437887_n 22089910_1604641352932592_8209128977924977137_n 22089933_1604638106266250_749790260916095190_n 22141062_1601921026537958_5925910602839801662_n 22141208_1604641329599261_3282343092950857108_n 22195792_1604641679599226_4768938823996718570_n 22196058_1604641566265904_8840611121862067327_n

You can also watch an artist talk with Machine Woman below:

Photo: Matjaž Rušt,  Katja Goljat

Photos: SHAPE @ TodaysArt 2017

NKoninklijke Schouwburg

TodaysArt returned to the city centre of The Hague to present its latest edition between 22 and 23 September 2017. The two-day festival took place in multiple venues of the National Theatre: Theater aan het Spui and Filmhuis Den Haag. For the very first time, TodaysArt also transformed the city’s classical royal theatre – Koninklijke Schouwburg – into a progressive multifunctional playground housing 4 headlining concerts, 4 clubs and 1 exhibition.

With experimental works inside classical settings, TodaysArt builds a complex reality that deepens the contrasts between location, time, content, creators, and audience. In light of this year’s curatorial theme on the opacity of algorithmic systems, the festival seeked contradictions, the unexpected, clarity and chaos, and occasionally, a disturbing reality check. Several SHAPE artists performed at this year’s edition, including Toxe, NMO, Inga Mauer, Thomas Ankersmit, Olivia, Sky H1, Andreas Trobollowitsch, Nicolas Maigret, Elektrovolt, Gabey Tjon a Tham, Mike Rijnierse and others. The festival also encompassed a discourse programme with topics ranging from blockchain technology, gender equality in Eastern European electronic music and quantum music.

Boska Elektrovolt Inga Mauer Inga Mauer N.M.O.N.M.O. N.M.O. NSDOS Olivia Sleeuwits-todays-art-vrijdag-2017 (5 van 44) Sleeuwits-todays-art-vrijdag-2017 (6 van 44) Sleeuwits-Todaysart2017-TGSITM (5 van 26) Sleeuwits-Todaysart2017-TGSITM (6 van 26) Sleeuwits-Todaysart2017-TGSITM (9 van 26) Sleeuwits-Todaysart2017-TGSITM (19 van 26) Thomas Ankersmit Thomas Ankersmit Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Processed with VSCO with c1 preset Processed with VSCO with c1 preset IMG_1365_by_tashaorlova (1) IMG_1377_by_tashaorlova IMG_1540_by_tashaorlova IMG_1553_by_tashaorlova IMG_1563_by_tashaorlova IMG_1575_by_tashaorlova

Photos: Stephan C Kaffa, Tasha Orlava, Marleen Sleeuwits, Marc Mikaelian