Photos: SHAPE @ Novas Frequências

NF Galpão Gamboa_0130

Beginning of this month (December 3 – 8), SHAPE had its second large showcase beyond Europe – 13 SHAPE artists played at the Novas Frequências festival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The showcase featured: Vienna-based composer, performer and sound artist Andreas Trobollowitsch (AT), who presented his piece “Hecker”; Black Zone Myth Chant (FR), a project of Afro-centric psychedelia and hypnotic footwork by psych-drone artist High Wolf; two projects by Budapest-based musician Gábor Kovács (HU) – the noisy, experimental punk duo of Céh and the more rhythm-oriented, but no less confronting solo project Új Bála; J.G. Biberkopf (LT), whose “audio theater” works are impressive collages that draw on a wide range of influences, including grime and musique concrète; experimental guitarist and composer Julien Desprez (FR), who presented his improvisational performance/light installation Acapulco Redux; Mr. Mitch (UK), one of the key names in the burgeoning instrumental grime movement; artist Mike Rijnierse (NL), who specializes in site-specific installations, and who presented his new work Relief; Sis_Mic (FR), the latest project by electro-acoustic music composer and installation artist Pôm Bouvier B.; Lancaster-based virtuoso pianist and free improviser Stephen Grew (UK); Toxe (SE), a central figure within Staycore – a new ground-breaking label from Stockholm.

The line-up also featured two alumni of SHAPE 2016: multidisciplinary artist Gil Delindro (PT), who participated with multimedia performance Voidness of Touch, and experimental vocalist Stine Janvin Motland (NO) who presented her project Fake Synthetic Music.

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All photos by Francisco Costa/I Hate Flash.