Pictures: SHAPE @ Insomnia 2016


Insomnia is a festival for innovative electronic music – which means music created with electronic contraptions. The creative process within the genre is as varied as the music itself, and the festival hopes to display a wide variety of it.

On October 27 – 29, the festival had its 2016 edition, featuring a number of SHAPE acts: Janus affiliate KABLAM, Canadian-Norwegian indie pop duo Bow To Each Other, Venezuelan-born DJ Hyperaktivist, Editions Mego-published sound sculptress Klara Lewis, Swedish experimental electronics producer Peder Mannerfelt, Norwegain DJ Charlotte Bendiks, French experimental techno producer Voiski, audiovisual project Polar Inertia, PAN affiliate M.E.S.H. and experimental vocalist Stine Janvin Motland.

DSC_3012 DSC_3103 DSC_3113 DSC_3132BRO_9727BRO_9747DSC_0655DSC_0665DSC_0417DSC_0517DSC_0637LipinskaLucja- Klara Lewis2LipinskaLucja- Klara Lewis3DSC04602DSC_2777DSC_2799DSC_2824DSC_2674DSC_2691BRO_0170BRO_0215

Photos by: Idan Fima (KABLAM, Hyperaktivist),  Lucja Lipinska (Klara Lewis), Tina Derakhshan (Bow To Each Other, Peder Mannerfelt, Stine Janvin Motland), Mats Gangvik (Charlotte Bendiks, Voiski), Øivind Vikeby (M.E.S.H.).