Sourdure mix for Resonance FM

Listen to an hour-long show by  SHAPE artist Sourdure a.k.a. Ernest Bergez who works, combining raw electronics (modular synths, feedback), acoustic instruments (violin, voice, foot percussion), and non-musical sounds (field recording, spoken voice). The show has been broadcast by the London-based radio station Resonance FM.

As a guideline, Ernest Bergez keeps an underlying effort to melt experiment into popular music and vice versa, taking traditional songs and dancehall themes from the French Massif Central area as the starting point for experimentation. Sung in French or in Occitan, his songs give an odd sense of temporal distortion, blowing off the frontiers between the old and the new, original and traditional.

Ernest Bergez also plays in Kaumwald, Orgue Agnès and Tanz Mein Herz. With Sourdure, he has released two albums: La Virée (on Tanzprocesz / Astruc), and Mantras (on Standard In-Fi). A third album will be released in spring 2018 by Pagans and Les Disques du Festival Permanent.