Country: EG/DE

Egyptian DJ and producer Oldyungmayn’s multifaceted identity is layered through both his productions and performances, influencing an exhilarating musical lexicon of 90’s era rave, sharpened sound design, and a wide spectrum of music from fellow Middle Eastern producers. Intelligently navigating away from a eurocentric focus with releases on platforms such as Al Gharib, Oldyungmayn has left a mark with contributions on compilations for Parkingstone and guest appearances on NTS for hosts such as Endgame and ZULI. He has a regular program himself on Movement.Radio, and since relocating to Berlin, has performed alongside prolific artists such as LCY, Cassius Select and PAN-signee STILL, in addition to lesser-known acts like Beatrix Weapons and Selim Hex from SIRENS. Looking forward, collaborative projects with C2E’s Van Boom are in development, in addition to ongoing dialogues for club and festival bookings.

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