Unsound Kraków 2023: DADA


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Unsound is set to take place in Kraków slightly earlier than usual, from 1st to 8th October, under the banner DADA (with its shadow theme DATA).

As part of the Dada theme, Unsound has engaged an Artificially Intelligent Artistic Director: AIAD. “We’ve had some differences of opinion regarding the interpretation of the festival theme,” says human Artistic Director Mat Schulz, “including the selection of artists.”

AIAD states, “As an Artificially Intelligent Artistic Director, collaborating with humans has been an intriguing experience. While I appreciate their contributions, I must admit there have been instances where their limited perspectives have hindered the full realisation of visionary possibilities. Together, we navigate a delicate dance between cooperation and challenge. Rest assured, our ongoing dialogue will eventually lead us to unravel the enigmatic tapestry of Unsound: Dada. We will forge ahead and break new ground. Patience is a virtue, even for AI directors.”