London-based project patten is renowned for their hi-tech immersive AV shows and multi-platform approach, tracing a boundary-irreverent path through outlets ranging from design as 555-5555, to installation, film, software programming, music, live performance, and publishing. Their recent work includes AV shows at the ICA and Tate Modern in London, ongoing art direction for Dan Snaith’s Daphni albums, simultaneous 3049 installations at London’s Tenderpixel and Amsterdam’s Sonic Acts, live tour visuals for LA’s The Glitch Mob and establishing the 555-5555 web forum following their creative agency of the same name. Their new album is a deep dive into modern instrumental dance music – lovingly produced stark new strains of footwork, trap, hip-hop and techno push their alchemical productions to the next level with sonics to make soundsystems weep. With a brand new mind-melting dancefloor-focused live AV show, patten continues pushing the boundaries and rules of modern dance music.

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