Michela Pelusio2019


Michela Pelusio is an Italian Art Scientist, Sculptor, Performer, and independent curator. She has realized numerous major exhibitions and projects around the world. Not limited to the confines of Museum, Festivals and Public Space her practice engages Scientific Institutions and community projects. Her research involves the exploration of human perception, art, science, and technology. In 2000 Pelusio graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Art of Carrara. In 2006 she got a Master of ArtScience and Music from the Interfaculty Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Royal Conservatory of Den Haag in The Netherlands with coaches Edwin van der Heide and Joel Ryan. In 2006 she became a teacher at the ArtScience Interfaculty in Den Haag, teaching courses “Synesthetics” with Frans Evers, and “Genius Loci” with Robert Pravda and Horst Rickels for the bachelor and master students. In 2012 she founded ResidenceSEA – Sensing your Environment through Art in Heraklion a residency for International artists who engage the dialogue between art and science. She is currently based in Athens, Greece.

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