Photo report – SHAPE at CTM 2016

The 2016 edition of Berlin’s CTM festival (29 January – 7 February) was titled “New Geographies”, examining today’s rapidly collapsing borders and emerging new hybrid topographies, and aiming to provide the tools needed to approach the complexities of a polycentric, polychromatic, and increasingly hybrid (music) world with greater openness.

The SHAPE showcase of CTM 2016 featured both 2015 alumni – Borusiade and Aisha Devi – and acts from the new artist roster: T’ien Lai (project by Kuba Ziołek), KABLAM, Charlotte Bendiks, Peder Mannerfelt, who, with a five-piece band, did a live re-imagining of his Swedish Congo Record, and Stine Janvin Motland with her project Native Instrument.

A SHAPE Meet&Greet was also conducted, featuring 2015 alumnus, performative sound artist Marco Donnarumma. SHAPE also collaborated with CTM in organizing the festival’s MusicMakers Hacklab.

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Performances of Aisha Devi, Borusiade, Peder Mannerfelt and T’ien Lai were photographed by Camille Blake.

The SHAPE Meet&Greet, MusicMakers Hacklab and performance of Native Instrument were photographed by Andres Bucci.