Animistic Beliefs2020

Animistic Beliefs was born to perform. They live to play live, and thrive on stage. They hail from Rotterdam but flourish in dark, strobe lit basements during the witching hours. It is there that they breath new life into electro by twisting, turning and contorting it into new forms that are utterly spellbinding and occult.

They take fluid melodies and shift them into something other, experiment with texture and go from meditative to manic, destructive to danceable in an instant. With a look as stylish as their sound, the young pair reimagine UK sounds, IDM intricacies and Detroit feelings through their huge collection of vintage gear and DIY modular synths. They offset fast paced robotic drummachine patterns with softer melancholic timbres and dehumanised voices that come from another dimension. They bring a retro-future feeling to their banging live sets and never know what will happen next because each one is fully improvised in the moment, right here, right now.

To date they played to great acclaim at places like De School, NTS Radio, Griessmuehle and a secret rave in Zurich, the last mentioned curated by illustrious fashion brand Gucci..

Next to arresting live shows, Animistic Beliefs continue to do unfamiliar things with familiar sounds in the studio. Their debut EP, Sinuous Gullies on Solar One Music’s sub-label Between Places, sold out immediately. So did the repress. More is planned, as is a debut album and a collaboration with Legowelt, Audiosport 8, which has been caught on cassette tape. If you act quickly, there is still time to jump on board the good ship Animistic Beliefs before it once again heads off over the horizon into yet another another alternate reality.

Download press photo here.