Morgiana Hz thinks of music as vibrations and sees sounds like waves of colors. To fully conduct hir hybrid live sets ze combines (usually 3) turntables, contact microphones, various sensors and crystals scanning with the use of extended vocal techniques and unconventional sounds produced with hir oral cavity and larynx and recordings recently made in a binaural way. In addition to hir natural synthesizers and performative installations, ze experiments with geometrical dance figures.  Morgiana’s Hz tracks resonate with Heart of Earth and are based on Pythagorean tuning, which one exactly, depends on intention – this is intrinsic practice in hir life, not only music.

During hir adventurous soundscapes, ze interacts with the energy of the collective and shares with everyone the moment of togetherness. The suffix – ‘ness’ – coming from old Hebrew language, means ‘miracle’ and joins the source phenomenons: happiness, sadness, sensualness and queerness to form the spiritual body which is explored by the artist.

In a jungle at Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda Morgiana Hz recently debuted hir “fleshy flower” ~ deeply personal, shamanic performance drawing upon purifying power of wildness. In preparation for this live act, ze undertook a three-week residency at Nyege Tapes studio in Kampala, combining witchcraft knowledge of her Slavic ancestors as well as elements of African heritage, a consciousness of body and vibrational alchemy. There ze met Kenyan producer and DJ, Slikback. The two immediately gravitated towards their polar opposite sounds and decided to collaborate. While Morgiana had free-form noisey structures, vocal geopoems and deconstructed nature-based aesthetic, Slikback had more of a grime, gqom, tribal, bass heavy sound.

The two decided to combine their sounds and created “ogniki”. The duo would go on to create music which will be released on Hakuna Kulala, a sub-label of Nyege Tapes. Morgiana Hz also played the tracks during her “fleshy flower” set at NNF, which many described as “unlike anything they had ever heard.”

Morgiana Hz is involved with music in various ways, not only composing, and DJ-ing, but also writing, preparing radio shows and since 2012 organizing concerts and parties. Also, in 2013 “za duszno” was born out of a desire to create a meeting space for people interested in unusual music, home concerts: „muzyka mieszkalna”, talks: „Historie muzyki / Histories of musics”, discussions, listening room “Słuchalnia”, lectures and workshops. Ze is spiritus movens of „Sound Emancipation” which started with „Vocational School of Music” in 2016. It is motivated by the conviction that only talking about feminism in regards to music is not enough – actions and groundwork bring actual change.

Recently ze started to collaborate with Dream Adoption Society artists with whom did “Excrescence ~ Body Open Source” – a multiplayer VR installation in Teatr Powszechny in Warsaw and during 2 days of the premiere performed almost 10 hours of a sensual hybrid set. The purpose of the installation was to explore the experience of collective transformation of the pleasure impulse through various aspects. “A new form of sensuality develops through a controller – a plant; the viscous fluid influences and fills the whole space, moisturizing; the organic nature of bodies is emphasized to shape the newly grown part, to fill it with life, it gives an impulse for the generation of a new, soft wave of sensations. Hybridization of shapes fills beyond the limits of what is known; the skin wrinkles and opens, with a cluster of one million holes, absorbs and wants to expand. Let our bodies have a free, unrestricted process of enlargement – let them bloom, divide into new parts and feel!”

Morgiana Hz also performed with others, for example with Cindytalk, Keith Rowe, Lucio Capece, Ryoko Akama, Noid, Klaus Filip, Emilio Gordoa, GRAŃ, Hexorcismos and is always open for artistic meetings with beings from various fields.

Download press photo here (by Lola Banet).


Past events

This artist participated in the SHAPE platform which concluded in 2022. The current version of the project is SHAPE+. Like its predecessor, it is co-funded by the European Union.